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Nine killed in rival tribes clash in Lower Kurram Agency

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Nine killed in rival tribes clash in Lower Kurram Agency

At least nine persons were killed and several others injured during an armed clash between two rival tribes in Lower Kurram Agency on Sunday morning.
Sources said that Balishkhel and Kharklay tribes residing in Lower Kurram agency who were in old rivalry had been exchanging firing for the past three days but on Sunday morning it took the deadly turn when both sides exchanged indiscriminate fire.
The latest clashes erupted after slain police sub-inspector Raza Hussain was being buried in Balishkhel. Rockets were fired at the graveyard from Kharklay which initiated fire exchange.
During deadly fire exchange both sides used heavy and automatic weapons against each other and at least nine people belonging to both groups were killed while several others sustained wounds.
The injured men were shifted to hospitals in Sadda tehsil and Agency Headquarters Parachinar and sources said that condition of several wounded persons was serious.