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Tuesday, May 10, 2011
YoP stages sit-in against besiegement of Parachinar
KARACHI: The Youths of Parachinar (YoP) on Monday demanded of the government and Pakistan Army to immediately establish government’s writ and take immediate action against the Taliban to end the four-year besiegement of Parachinar-Kurram Agency.

The YoP, an organisation of the Kurram Agency-Parachinar Youths living in Karachi, staged a protest demonstration in front of the Karachi Press Club (KPC) against the besiegement of Parachinar. A large number of Parachinar’s students from various universities and colleges of Karachi gathered outside the KPC carrying placards inscribe with slogans against the Taliban and the ruling PPP government over their discriminatory behaviour with the Parachinar people.

Addressing the protestors, YoP Karachi chairman Zamin Abbas, and Abbas Ali Turi said that the Taliban terrorists had besieged Kurram Agency-Parachinar for the last four years.

They demanded of president, prime minister, Army chief, SC Chief Justice and other leaders to play their due roles in ending the years long besiegement of the area. staff report